Dewalt Miter Saw Recall Fix - DWS779 / DWS780 / DHS790

By Mike attempts | Oct 05, 2022
Dewalt issued a rear guard recall for the DWS779, DWS780, and DHS790 (DHS790AB, DHS790AT2) sliding compound miter saws, due to injury and laceration hazards, in August, 2022. The CPSC states: "The miter saw's rear safety guard can break or detach, posing an injury hazard due to projectiles that can strike the user and bystanders and a laceration hazard to the user who could come into direct contact with the saw blade." If your saw is part of the recall, Dewalt will send you a free rear guard repair kit that you can install yourself. See the links below for more information and to order your free Dewalt rear guard repair kit: